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Valuation Roll


Valuation Roll is a list of the Assessors valuation of all non-domestic properties and is the basis for non-domestic rating.

1st April 2010 brought into force the most recent Revaluation of all non-domestic property in Scotland, England and Wales. Revaluation introduces a new Valuation Roll for Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute Valuation Joint Board area, which contains revised rateable values, as well as details of ownership and occupation for all non-domestic property.

The rateable value is determined by the Assessor, who is independent of both local and central government and is his estimate of the annual rent which the property would command on the open market. The purpose of regular Revaluations is to update rateable values to more up-to-date rental values. This creates a closer, fairer link between modern property values and the amount of rates paid by individual ratepayers. The frequency of Revaluation is now set at 5 years by statute. The Scottish Government have however decided to cancel the Revaluation due in 2015. The next Revaluation will be in 2017.

There are two factors which contribute to the rates bill received by every non-domestic ratepayer; the rateable value of the property and the non-domestic rate (or rate poundage) fixed by the Scottish Parliament. The poundage rate for Scotland in 2012-13 is 45 pence.  Larger businesses in 2012-13 (rateable value in excess of £35,000) will pay a poundage supplement of 0.8 pence which contributes towards the cost of the Small Business Bonus Scheme. Your rates bill is calculated by your local authority from the rate poundage set by the Scottish Parliament and the value set by the Assessor. Any query about this calculation itself or the system of rates relief should be taken up with the Finance Departments of Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire Council and West Dunbartonshire Council as appropriate.

The rateable value set in a year of Revaluation will remain effective until the next Revaluation but will be altered in the case of a successful appeal or if there is a material change of circumstances affecting the value of the property.

You can check rateable values of properties at the Scottish Assessors Association Web-Page

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